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We are working toward publishing books, educational resources and films that fill the gap of cultural heritage and identity of the African and Caribbean diaspora experience in the UK and internationally.

As part of our 10th anniversary we are very proud to publish two new books reflecting different aspects of our oral and visual history which has played an important role in shaping and influencing cultural identity and history over the last 100 years.

Masters of the Airwaves by Dave VJ and Lindsay Wesker is the first major book in the UK to record the rise of black radio, underground pirate stations and music culture which influenced broadcasting, music industry, fashion and pop culture.
After the love has gone - Dougies


The Caribbean in Sepia by Michael Ayre captures the history of modern day photography in the Caribbean, emergence of new family structures, the rise Caribbean identities and nation states in post emancipation societies. Independance & Emancipation.

We hope you enjoy these books and support our future activities.

Patrick Vernon OBE

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