Award Walter Tull the Military Cross

The petition calls upon David Cameron to posthumously award Walter Tull the Military Cross for which he was recommended. Walter Tull was the first Black officer in the British Army. He was also Britain’s first Black professional footballer too. During the First World War, due to discriminatory rules Black people were barred from becoming officers.

However, Tull’s superiors demanded that he be promoted due to his ability and the way he distinguished himself in key battles. He was promoted no less than three times.

2nd Lieutenant Walter Daniel John Tull led his men on dangerous missions behind enemy lines and returned without loss or injury. For these acts of bravery, he was cited for his "gallantry and coolness" under fire by Major General Sir Sydney Lawford, his commanding officer and he was recommended for the Military Cross. That recommendation never reached the right military authorities.

Help us right this wrong to this extraordinary sporting and military hero so that he may be posthumously awarded the Military Cross.

Supported by Former Totthenham Hotspurs player, Garth Crooks , Cllr Lester Holloway, and Cllr Patrick Vernon, founder of 100 GreatBlack Britons

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