Every Generation believes:

  • Cultural heritage and mental wellbeing is an important part of citizenship and belonging
  • Mental health and long term conditions and other aspects of mainstream services which interface with Black and Minority Ethnic communities need to reflect multicultural Britain
  • Arts and heritage sector should reflect the diversity of multicultural Britain in audience and workforce development
  • Family genealogy and inter-generational learning can provide new solutions and ideas to tackle inequalities
  • Social marketing campaigns around cultural heritage can influence the narrative around Britishness and identity.

We are keen to work with policymakers, politicians, community activists, trade unions, academia, local government, NHS and the third sector to develop new methodologies, think pieces and policy development using the values of Every Generation.

Published Social policy articles by Patrick Vernon on Journalisted.

25 years of Black Political Representation

Celebrating 25 years of Black political representation and the impact of Barack Obama’s 2012 election results

On the June 11th I attended the 25th anniversary of that historic day when the first Black and Asian MPs in modern times were elected to parliament.

The election of Bernie Grant in Tottenham, Diane Abbott in Hackney North & Stoke Newington, Paul Boateng in Brent South and Keith Vaz in Leicester East, marked a new era for British politics and the start of the breaking of the glass ceiling in Westminster.

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Mental Well Being & Black History Month

‘I was stripped; my arms held behind me; my legs extended and forcibly separated from each other; I was plunged into the tank and kept under the water till all resistance on my part ceased; their [the nurses] grasp was then relaxed – I rose to the surface and breathed as if it were my last. Scarcely, however, had I drawn my breath when I was again subjected to the same horrible treatment, with the addition of having my head hurt against the sides of the tank, and my poor body beaten and contused with blows, till the fear of murder prompted them to desist’.

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Why is the census important

Why is the census important to Black Britons
The census is valuable information for anyone wishing to trace their family history in the UK as it provides information on the following areas of family life. Namely: Ethnicity and religion, Families, Health, Households, People and places, Work. The census is important as it can help to make the business case for race equality and cultural heritage for all communities. The census helps to unpick the different aspects ranges of black diaspora populations in the UK. The latest census has provided rich information nature of multicultural Britain

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