November 2019 Update

Raise the Windrush anchor – and make it a statue to modern Britain
On the inaugural Windrush day, Patrick Vernon proposed that the anchor, languishing in the Mediterranean, would stand for racial equality and shared history

A Masterclass in Leadership and Campaigning
Martha Cuffy and Patrick Vernon
Wed 27 Nov 2019 at 18:30
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by Martha Cuffy and Patrick Vernon

Masterclass in Leadership and Campaigning. Becoming a champion for an issue or cause you feel passionately about can be a lonely journey especially at the beginning when the way forward feels unclear and you may have little support.

Martha and Patrick discuss their Masterclass

Martha Cuffy on self care

Patrick on campaigning

Tracing African Diaspora Family History Through the Archives
Patrick Vernon explores how maps, records, family trees and historical images can help to discover the past

Celebrating 9 Overlooked Figures in Black British History
Patrick Vernon profiles figures from the past to the present day who deserve recognition

Innovation and Change in Non-Profit Organisations
Edited by Don Macdonald
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Case Studies in Survival, Sustainability and Success: Read Patrick Vernon's chapter on the Windrush Scandal