100 Great Black Britons book and game

Launching Oct 2020: As part of the 100 Great Black Britons campaign a book co-written by Patrick Vernon OBE and Dr Angelina Osborne, will be published later this year along with a board game celebrating important Black British figures and their impact on British culture.

“100 Great Black Britons is a great way to celebrate our rich and diverse shared history. The competition is an exciting approach to help build ideas and resources to support schools. We will also launch the 100 Great Black Britons board game for schools and families in conjunction with the book launch in October.” Melvin Bell, Director Focus Games

“ It is great after 16 years we are relaunching 100 Great Black Britons nomination process and producing a publication to support the campaign celebrating a thousand years of Black British history and achievement. It is even more crucial that our history is seen as part of the national narrative, especially in the context of Brexit, as British identity is going through change and we have a legitimate right and voice in the shaping of this economic, social and political transformation which will have an impact on future generations. By learning about our shared history and the impact of Black British history and successes, I hope we will no longer be marginalised or erased out of public consciousness for the next generation.” Patrick Vernon OBE Founder of 100 Great Black Britons