EGM Publishing

We plan to publish and distribute the following publications over the for the next 24 months:

  • Master of the Airwaves - oral history of the rise of underground radio stations 1970 to 1990s Now available.

  • Caribbean in Sepia - photographic journey of the Caribbean from 1840-1900 Now available.

  • New edition of When We Ruled.

  • 100 Great Now available Black Britons re-launch(2014).

  • Black Ephemera: Cultural Identity and Mental Well Being (2013) link to sponsorship and social policy.

  • Doors of Perception: Cultural History of Carved Doors in East Africa (2014/15) emancipation and link to sponsorship.

  • UK distributor for selected Ian Randle publications (Jamaica fi Real )

  • We also plan to produce a number of eBooks on family history.

  • Series of children and young people’s books and learning material.