Masters of the Airwaves: Pirate radio

The book tells the story of the birth of black music radio in Britain in the seventies. It starts out with a few black music shows on legal radio, leading on to the black music pirate radio boom, and culminating with legal, black music radio stations.
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It tells of a time before the Internet, mobile phones and digital TV/radio, when die-hard black music fans had to work hard and travel far to hear the music they loved.

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With contributions from Robbie Vincent, Greg Edwards, Jazzie B OBE, David Rodigan MBE, Norman Jay MBE, Trevor Nelson MBE, Peter Young, Tony Prince, Omar, Simon Harris, Paul Hardcastle, Maxi Jazz, Mistri, Kwame Kwaten, DJ 279, Joanna Law, Caron Wheeler, Barrie K. Sharpe, Pauline Henry, Simon Law, Lorna Clarke, Rachael B, Devon Daley, Dr Bob Jones, Steve Sutherland, Paul Murphy, Aitch B, Lewis Benn, Mark Devlin, Bigger, Sonia Poulton,Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Eddie Gordon, Louie Martin, Ralph Tee, Matt White, Normski,Graeme Park, Judge Jules, Ash Selector, Fitzroy Buzzboy, Mike Shaft, Frenchie, Carl Mcintosh,Owen Washington, Gordon Mac, DJ Elayne (Smith), Angie Greaves, Angie Le Mar and footballer Mark Bright amongst many others, the book contains countless anecdotes from people that were actually there; the pioneers that actually made history.

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