Windrush Commemorative magazine 2018

We provide personal narratives, insight, comments and reflections highlighting the Windrush Generation who came to Britain to those born in the Millennium and the diversity of migration over the last 70 years from the Commonwealth and Europe.

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Every Generation Game: Windrush Edition

Every Generation Game: Windrush Edition is a storytelling board game designed to keep the experiences and stories of the Windrush Generation alive. It has been created to help families, friends and communities share their heritage, history, identity and culture through the telling of stories.

As result of migration and the changing diversity of Britain, everyone's personal and family history are interconnected to world and national events. The game is a fun way for everyone, irrespective of age, ethnicity and identity, to learn, share and reminisce about the social, economic and political change in Britain over the last 100 years.

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2013: Calls for Annual Celebration of Windrush Day

Campaigners are this weekend calling for an annual celebration of the positive contribution of immigration to Britain. The call, led by politicians, faith groups, academics and artists, comes as the nation prepares to celebrate Windrush Day, marking the 65th anniversary of the arrival into Tilbury Docks of the MV Empire Windrush and the first wave of post-war immigration.

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A Charmed Life : Eddie Martin Noble

Eddie Noble

This is the story of one man whose life spanned several decades of change. Eddie describes a physical and emotional journey that takes us from colonial Jamaica to contemporary Britain. But Eddie’s journey also reflects the distance this country has travelled to adapt to its multi-cultural and multi ethic heritage, reflected in London's 2012 Olympics.

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